Bighead Custom


So the options are endless when shopping with BigHead Custom and we are confident we can make ANYTHING you want! However, we understand if you have some questions about the process and procedure. We will try to answer those inquiries here.

1) How long does my piece take to make? Answer: Usually 14/17 business days.

2) Can I choose what size I want my pendant and the length of my chain? Answer: Yes and Yes! During checkout please just let us know how large or small you would like your pendant. You can tell us in inches or use a comparison for instance; PLEASE MAKE MY PENDANT THE SIZE OF A BASEBALL. You can also let us know what length chain you will be needing. Just let us know how many inches you would like your chain.  

3) I don't like it, can I have a refund? Answer: Yes, but only if we screw up! Again, due to the fact each one is custom and the fact you sent us the image isn't something we are doing wrong that would warrant giving you a refund. You need to be sure that everything is correct BEFORE submitting it to be uploaded and created. We can not stress this enough. If your pendant was to arrive damaged for any reason we will be more than happy to replace it at no extra charge.  Refunds are given out only if the mistake is on our end. For example: A misspelled word. Wrong color combinations, etc...

4) I don't have an image but I know what I want... kinda.  Will you work with me? Answer: Yes, but please take this in to consideration; graphic design work is extremely specialized and carries a lot of value.  We will do our best to help those who can convey clearly and concisely what they are imagining for a reasonable fee. Please contact us via email or by telephone to discuss your project. You can email us or call below: / (407948-4599

5) Are your pendants created using lab made (synthetic/simulated) gem stones? Answer: No. Our pendants are created using colored metal flake and finished with a glass coating over wood.  

6) What are your chains made of?  The chins are made from acrylic and finished in gold or silver.  They will not fade or turn.

7) I still have more questions, can I talk to someone? Answer: Sure call or text Chris at (407948-4599.

8) Any precautions we should take to preserve the integrity of the pendant?  Answer: The pendants and chains are very durable but we do suggest NOT leaving it in direct sunlight or otherwise high heat for extended periods of time.  It could eventually the damage the pendant.

So hopefully we've answered all your questions. If so, whatcha waiting for?! Go order your custom Bighead today! And as always, thank you for shopping with BigHead Custom!