Our Story Behind The Bling

Hello and welcome to BigHeadCustom.com! BigHead Custom has been creating custom wooden pendants since 2011. We started out catering to the young Hip Hop community but steadily started to attract all types of entertainers and artists and even the casual buyer that wanted to make a simple fashion statement. Bighead pedants are not only being sold in the U.S.A. but throughout the entire world!

 Our process is unique to us and us only!  We can take any image or logo whether it be a photograph or line art and totally recreate it using different color metal flake and then top each piece off with a sheet of glass to give our pieces a finish that can't be found anywhere else!

Here is the process in a nutshell:

Order and Pay

Simply click order now, upload your photo or logo and finish by paying using your PayPal account, credit card or bitcoin. It's that easy! Please make sure your logo is nice and clean and clear and ready to go...Especially if you submit a photograph. If we have to redo your logo because the art you submitted is not satisfactory for our process we will call you so we can move forward.

Creation begins

After we receive your paid order your pendant gets put on our schedule and usually begins 1 to 3 days after your purchase.

On It's Way To Your Neck

The enire process takes 14 - 21 business days to complete plus 3 day shipping anywhere in the USA with tracking included. Outside of the USA there's a flat fee of $18.00 U.S. dollars.

For more info please read our FAQ