So the options are endless when shopping with BigHead Custom and we are confident we can make ANYTHING you want.  However, we understand if you have some questions about the process and procedure.  We will try to answer those inquiries here.

1) How do you make this fly hip hop jewelry?  Answer: We can't tell you. Proprietary, sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2) How long does it take to make one? Answer: A minimum of 21 days. Please be patient. Perfection takes time.

3) What kind of machine makes them? Answer: Every single one is 100% hand made.

4) At what quantity can I get a price break? Answer: We can't break prices because each one is made by hand, it takes the same amount of time to make each one nomatter what the size of the piece.  They do not get cheaper for us to make with quantity because of the custom nature and details of the process.

5) I don't like it, can I have a refund? Answer: Refunds are given out only if the mistake is on our end. For example: A misspelled word. Wrong color combinations ETC...

6) I don't have an image but I know what I want... kinda.  Will you work with me? Answer: Yes, but please take this in to consideration; graphic design work is extremely specialized and carries a lot of value.  We will do our best to help those who can convey clearly and concisely what they are imagining for a reasonable fee.  Order and make note of what you would like in the Notes section at checkout and Chris (our wonderful founder) will be in touch to discuss how to make your ideas bling.

7) I still have more questions, can I talk to someone? Answer: Sure call or text Chris at 407-948-4599.

So hopefully we've answered all your questions. If so, whatcha waiting for?...Go order your custom Bighead today! And as always, thank you for shopping with BigHead Custom!