Bighead Custom

So is it jewellry or jewelry?

I kept typing and typing but I kept thinking that jewelry was not the correct spelling.  I spelled it both ways in to my phone and it showed up correct.  How can this be?

Well its true.  After a little research I learned that the proper American English spelling is jewelry. The proper way to pen the word in Australian and British English is jewellry.  English speaking Canadians may choose as it is acceptable to write it both ways.

Here at BigHead Custom, we will call it whatever you want.  Because it is whatever you want, custom.  Call it a chain, a piece, ice, bling or bling bling, we can make it better than anyone else.  Send us a picture or logo of your choosing and the magic begins.  We take a piece of wood and create a work of art by hand.  Each step is done by hand, no laser engravers used here.  We can bring a lot more bling than anyone else because no one else can use the process we have.  What you end up with is an extension of yourself in the form of a custom logo pendant.  Our chains are so unique you will get the attention you deserve just ask our loyal customers.  See more at our website,