Bighead Custom

Collab with Chanel West Coast & Roxy Rosales' Candy Jewelry Co.

BigHead Custom is proud to announce a collaboration with Chanel West Coast & Roxy Rosales' Candy Jewelry Co.  We recently had the pleasure of bumping to Chanel West Coast and Roxy Rosales and that was very exciting!  We told them how much we loved there work and explained a bit about what we do over here at BigHead Custom with wood.  We showed them some of our wood and they're work.  They loved it and we all agreed that our iced out process would look sick on some of their Los Angeles style jewelry. 

We made these pieces on the smaller side with smaller chains to better compliment the girls. Although hard to see in these still images our bling process really brought their logos to life.  Keep in mind this is wood folks!  Handmade as well, we don't use any laser cutters or engravers, this is all hand done work.  It takes a little longer and costs a little more but you truly get a unique piece that no one else can just go and buy.  We find it carries a lot of value with our customers from the music industry.  See more of our work including videos of these pieces for the awesome girls over at Candy Jewelry Co on our Instagram page.

Candy Jewelry Co logo Iced Out by Big Head Custom

Iced out chain for Chanel West Coast by Big Head Custom