Bighead Custom

How do you make this incredible wooden jewelry?

People ask us all the time how to make wood jewelry this insanely beautiful.  They say, "We have looked everywhere and cant find anyone else making anything like this!"  We know and we will accept that a great compliment, thank you!  Unfortunately we can't tell you how we do it but we can give you a little more info on what a custom designed iced out chain and pendant for you would be like.   
First lets look at the wood itself.  Both of the pieces you saw in the video are made on half and inch thick wood but we do up to 1" thick wood.  The BigHead is 3.5 inches in diameter.  That half inch wood really adds the right amount of substance to a piece of that size.  Its not too heavy or too light.  Other wood jewelry companies that operate in this space use some pretty thin wood and add layers of it to create the graphics.  We don't agree with that and feel that those pieces don't carry enough clout where it counts.  Having a big chunky piece of wood around your neck more closely resembles an ice encrusted metal pendant.
Iced Out Pineapple by Big Head Custom
Now let's talk about the bling bling!  So this is the secret part but what I can tell you is that our bling comes from hundreds of thousands of tiny crushed mirrors that are on the surface of your image we make for you.
Big Head Custom logo iced out with tiny mirrors In this image you can see how the tiny mirrors are scattered over the surface and reflecting light in all kinds of different directions as your perspective changes.  This is why our pendants look more like real iced out gear than anyone else's.  The fact that we can get that kind of shine and keep your image quality totally intact is what keeps artists and celebrities coming back over and over again.
This isn't some cheap pendant that is going to break when dropped.  This is the real deal folks.  All hand made, cut by hand, sanded by hand and stained by hand.  If you are in the market for some customized hip hop jewelry you came to the right place.  You are going to be so happy with your BigHead Custom logo pendant and chain go ahead and order now.  Or if you have more questions please feel free to email or call 407-948-4599.

Take a look at a video here of our BigHead logo and a pineapple we created for a customer for a view that closer to IRL.