Bighead Custom

Compare us to the competition, it's no contest!

We know there are a lot of choices in the business of self expression.  That's is the business we see ourselves in.  We also know that its a business that is ever changing.  One thing that is not changing though is the demand for individuality and that is what we offer better than anyone else in this space.  Sure you can pay $20 - $40 for a piece of wood that was cut by a laser hundreds of times then sold to as many people on the internet as possible. These people that do this even go as far as to call themselves good!  Its easy to make as hitting print folks.  There is no time or dedication or originality for that matter.  Besides, most of the designs they sell aren't even their own designs!

Now it would be true if you said we don't make our own designs either.  And you would be right!  We make YOUR design.  If YOU can dream it, we can do it.  Our value comes in our hand made process.  There aint no cookie cutter jewelry coming out of our office friends.  You send us your artwork and you get it back blinged out like no other.  I mean seriously look at our instagram.  The process that makes our products was made by us and not sold or licensed to any other company period. 

The bottom line is when you are looking for jewelry, particularly the kind we sell, you are looking for a fresh way to express yourself within a reasonable budget that conveys your message clearly.  Our process recreates any logo or image with absolute precision.  No one will have to look twice at your chain to know what you stand for.  We also can get you our product for less money than the "good" guys.  By the time you add the upsell features that we include, your talking north of $150.  Us, its whatever you want, however you want, how big you want for only $99.  And thats is shipped with the chain too btw.

So lets recap; a comparable product, the same production time, cheaper price.  Its a more unique product for less.  Its exponentially better.  Order Now

custom hip hop jewelry