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Clay Chains: To Buy Or Not To Buy

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Have you ever though to yourself, "I should buy a clay chain.  They are cheap and shinny."  Well I hope you did not follow through with that thought and here is why.  Im sure at some point in your life you have seen something ceramic or clay or glass break.  Be it in real life or on TV, you have seen it.  Well imagine that blinged out charm around your neck is glass, yeah it will break just like that.  The bling on a clay chain is essentially glitter.  Its not smooth to the touch, it can flake off and make a mess.  We even talked to one brand of clay chains where the end user had to spray a bottle of some special coating on their pendant every 2 weeks to keep it blinging!  WTF is that about, now I have to buy the spray from you too?!?  No way.  Also you know glitter and know that an image can not be recreated perfectly with glue and glitter, not to mention it looks like a third grader made it.  Kids are always making clay and glitter projects, you don't want something that looks like that do you? 

Did you buy a clay chain and are feeling some pain?  Well do I have a deal for you!  If you have purchased a clay chain from anyone and would rather have had a Big Head Custom chain, send us a picture on social media and I will message you back with a 20% off code for our web store.  We know you are going to be so much happier with your BigHead Custom chain over your clay chain we are willing to give you a discount to get started.  Now to sweeten the deal, if you have a clay chain and feel ripped off because it fell and smashed in to a million pieces, send us a picture of it broken and we give you A 50% OFF code!  Get at us @bigheadcustom on Instagram and twitter and BigHead Custom on Facebook and youtube!

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clay chain vs big head custom chain


You won't experience any of these negative aspects with a BigHead Custom chain.  Our finish is smooth as glass.  It is glass!  Our wood chains are incredibly durable.  Drop it, get it wet all that no problem.  The only thing you can't do is put it in fire but you wouldn't do that anyway right.  Our images are recreated with out proprietary image color application system so you get the exact image you want, not an artists best ability to draw it.  Our chains may cost a little bit more but we think you are going to find a significantly increased value in the benefits we offer over the competition.  What are you waiting for, order one today!

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