Custom Hip Hop Jewelry : The Original King of Bling

Custom hip hop jewelry is unique.  No one makes unique like   All the biggest stars and the biggest ballers have one thing in common.  They all have unique custom hip hop jewelry.  At Big Head Custom all we know is custom.  For real, ask us about our jesus piece.  Nope, cuz we don't have one.  As a result all we make is 100% blinged out, no nonsense custom hip hop jewelry.

We make every piece is custom.  How custom you ask?  Tell us what you want.  Do you have a logo that was professionally made for your rap persona or your business?  Did you find some real gangster looking image online and now you need it iced out on a chain?  We got you!  Seems like you have any other ideas in mind?  Just hit us up on email, instagram or phone straight up and we'll talk it out.

Big Head Custom is the original King of Bling.  Our custom hip hop jewelry is so icey it has caused pneumonia for many of our customers. Seriously take a look.  You're ready to order now so let me tell you how that goes.  First of all you go to the website and add to cart.  Then upload your logo and make sure you tell us any thing specific about size or colors in the comments box.  Finally make your payment and you're done.

Most of all this is when the magic happens.  We get to work and take your logo and add our ice to it and now you got straight up custom hip hop jewelry.  After our creation process, which takes a couple weeks, we'll drop it in the mail free of charge.  No one else has it but you.  In conclusion, after you and your peeps see our pendants you won't ever think about a clay chain again.