Best Custom Name Chains

We make custom name chains like no one you have ever seen.  We start our custom name chains with you.  You tell us how you want this too look.  You can make it in photoshop or draw it by hand and send us the picture for all we care.  All we care about is getting your custom name chains to you, just the way you want it.  Our proprietary application process allows us to take your image and recreate it flawlessly 100% blinged out for a fraction of the cost of gold and diamonds.

After all, custom is custom name chains.  You can have it personalized big or small depending on how you rock your style.  You want script hand writing type of letters, we got you.  Everyone has some stickers on their car.  You need this around your neck.  Maybe you don't want your government name, putting your street name or rapper name or whatever you go by.

So get at us.  Hit us up, straight up email, phone or instagram.  Best is through the web though.  Tell us what you're trying to get.  Go to the site, upload your image then give us any info we might need in the comments.  Make your payment and you're good to go.  We will take care of the rest and after icing out your name, it'll take a couple weeks, we'll drop it the mail and you'll be shining harder than all your friends.  No ones gonna mistake this for no fake ass diamonds and cheap metal.  Take a look and get yours today!