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Can your business benefit from a turnover chain?

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So if you're here you are probably aware of Miami rewarding its players with the infamous turnover chain.  Who ever gets the turnover, gets to rock this huge icy chain with the school's stylized U and gold and green sapphires.  It's a real cool idea and it has turned out to be quite popular amongst the players and fans.

If you're a business owner and want to take a play from Mike Rumph's play book, we got you covered.  Get your team an icy chain to rock as a performance incentive and in turn increase sales and productivity, we can take your logo or image in to a sick pendant with out breaking the bank!

At Big Head Custom, we specialize in making high quality custom pendants out of wood that shine as hard as gold and diamonds with out the price tag.  Take a look at some of our work.  No one even comes close.  We recreate your image in our proprietary process perfectly.  Try that with jewels or clay, it doesn't even compare.  And we do it all for $89 delivered to your door.  

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Custom hip hop jewelry is unique.  No one makes unique like