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We'll Make Your Custom Turnover Chain

We'll Make Your Custom Turnover Chain


You too can be the 'King Of Bling' with your own turnover chain!

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Do you need a custom turnover chain for your school, little league or amateur sports team? We got you!  Here at BigHead Custom we make chains like no one else does. They're like no one else because they are YOURS! Everything we make is made just for you, exactly the way you want it, 100% each and every piece.  

A turnover chain is awarded to players on the sidelines for takeaways.  Steal the spotlight in your (or more importantly, your child's) league in the shiniest way!

"Kid's love to wear the bling and the heavy metal chain just like they see on tv." says coach of a little league team.  "They run to their parents and all the cell phones come out taking pictures.  It really raises moral and brings the team together along with increasing competition amongst the players."

Bring some excitement to your teams this year. Be it schools, leagues or even corporate competitions and events.  Order your BigHead Custom Turnover Chain today!!

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